Can't Hear Audio in the Capture Window

“I can't hear any audio in the Capture window while I'm logging or during the capture process."

This is normal. It is the way the application is designed to work.

In Final Cut Express you have to monitor your audio not from your computer, but from the deck or camera itself. Either connect a video monitor and speakers to your external device, or use headphones.

This was true in Final Cut Pro as well until version 5. (In earlier versions it was possible to turn on computer monitoring in the advanced audio settings of Capture Settings, but this was not recommended as it was a cause of sync drift.) In v5 and later it's possible to switch on audio monitoring during logging, by checking the Preview button in the Clip Settings panel of the Log and Capture window. This takes processor power to do. The computer has to resample the audio and change its rate from whatever your digital video source is using to 44.1K, the standard used by the computer's internal audio system. Using this during capture can be a cause of dropped frames on a marginal system, and can cause sync drift in some instances. I recommend leaving it off and monitoring the deck directly.

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