iTunes Music in Final Cut

“Why can't I use music purchased from the iTunes Music Store inside Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro?"

These are professional applications, used for professional productions. DRM (Digital Rights Management) coding inside iTunes purchased music prevents this material from being used to prevent copyright violation.

If you wish to use this music or any other music for distribution in any form other than for personal home use you must obtain copyright clearance for every use of this media.

Because iMovie is assumed to be an application for home use, you can access iTunes purchased music in that application. If you want to use this material in FCE or FCP for personal use or for home viewing, it is possible to use iMovie to convert the iTunes purchased music into a format that works in the professional applications.

Inside iMovie import the iTunes music and put it into your project.

Because you cannot export just the audio track without some video being present put a video clip or a title on the video track.

Use Share and select the Export to QuickTime function and use the expert settings.

Click the Share button and a dialog box will appear.

From the Export popup select Sound to AIFF and click the Options button.

Set the audio to Linear PCM, Stereo (L R), 48K (or 32K if needed) and 16-bit.

Give the file a name, set the destination and click the Save button

The exported file can then brought into either Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro.

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