Capture Problems

“I can’t capture in Final Cut, what should I do?”

There are a great many issues that can make capture difficult in Final Cut Pro or Express. There are a number of steps to try to determine where the problem might lie. Try these first:

First you should trash your Final Cut preferences and use Disk Utility to repair permissions. To see how to do that go here.

1.    Next shut down your computer. 

2.    Disconnect all other devices from the computer except the keyboard and mouse. 

3.    Plug in deck or camera, and turn it on. If you’re using on a camera make sure it’s in VCR mode with the correct output selected. This is important for HDV cameras. If you’re using a G5 tower or a MacPro make sure the device is connected to the rear FireWire port and not the front.

4.    Start up the computer and launch the application. Do not open an existing project, try simply firing up the application.

5.    Set the correct settings for your media and assign your scratch. 

Does the application see the device? If not, do not proceed further. Do not open the capture window. It won’t work. Check the connection on the computer and the camera and try a different cable.

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