Can't Get Video Out to Monitor

Start by making sure everything is connected and seeing each other properly. Begin by quitting Final Cut if it's open, and then connect the camera or deck to the computer. With the camera connected and turned on in the correct VCR mode, then launch Final Cut.

Normally this will be enough to bring the connection back to the application. If the application does not see the camera at start up, there is either a hardware or a configuration problem.

If the application does connect to the camera, make sure the View menu in Final Cut Pro is set to External>All Frames.
Next set View>Video Playback to Apple FireWire.
In Final Cut Express make sure View>Video Out is set to FireWire.

If the video still does not appear, quit the application, trash your preferences files, and repeat the process. Select the correct preset at application launch and the camera should be recognized at start up.

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