Capturing in iMovie for use in Final Cut

When iMovie DV material is brought into Final Cut the audio is still muxed (multiplexed) in the video stream. In the pro application the audio will have to be rendered out to play properly in the Timeline.

So how can this be avoided? There are a couple of solutions. The simplest is to capture your material in Final Cut. Many users like the way iMovie breaks clips up as the material is captured and can't do this in Final Cut. If you're working in DV there is a very simply way to break up your clips after you capture your material. See the page on DV Start/Stop Detect.

Another issue with captured material in iMovie you should aware of is that iMovie ignores the timecode information in the DV stream. It doesn't capture any timecode into the media files it creates. This means that you will not be able to recapture this material in Final Cut should you need to.

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