DV Start/Stop Detect

“I wish Final Cut would break up my clips as I capture them like iMovie. Is there any way to do this in Final Cut?"

Yes and no. Unless you're working in HDV you have to break up your DV material after you capture it. This can be done quite easily in Final Cut.

In FCP or FCE capture your DV material using one of the capture techniques available.
Once the material has been captured, select the clips in the Browser and then from the Mark menu select DV Start/Stop Detect. The application will look through the clips added markers at each shot change.
Next, twirl open the disclosure triangle that will be next to the clips in List view.

Marquee drag through the markers in the Browser to select them.
With the markers selected choose Modify>Make Subclip or use the keyboard shortcut Command-U. This will break all the segment markers into separate clips as if they were separate pieces of media.

DV Start/Stop Detect works by looking for breaks in the date/time stamp that is generated as part of the DV format. If there is no date/time break DV Start/Stop Detect will not work. The date/time stamp will only work if the clock in your camera has been set. It doesn't have to set correctly, but it has to be set, which is one reason why when you start up a camera without the clock set it flashes a warning at you. Set the clock.

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