Final Cut Express Made Easy

Final Cut Express Made Easy is Tom Wolsky's instructional training created for Final Cut Express users produced with Class on Demand. Providing a comprehensive overview of the latest version of Final Cut Express, you can watch follow-along instruction while working with the accompanying project and media files. These give the student the opportunity to work in a hands-on, project-based learning environment, just like taking a class from a master teacher. It is available both on DVD and as for online delivery and download.

It covers the whole range of skills needed to work with the application, including:

  1. Touring the Interface
  2. Customizing FCE to suit your style
  3. Different Editing Techniques
  4. Settings and Preferences
  5. Capturing with FireWire
  6. Working with Audio
  7. Adding with Transitions
  8. Creating Text and Graphics
  9. Using Motion Effects
  10. Compositing Video Layers
  11. Effects and Keying
  12. Exporting Your Project 

These skills are essential knowledge for working with the application. The training goes through a series of instructional exercises designed to teach these and other fundamentals.

Samples of my FCE training can be found here.

Where can I get the training? You can order it from Amazon or from Class on Demand.

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