Final Cut Pro 3 Editing Workshop

Final Cut Pro 3 Editing Workshop is the 2nd edition of Tom Wolsky's FCP Editing Workshop.

Go beyond the mechanics of Final Cut Pro 3 - learn how to edit with it!

More than a button-pushing manual - this editing workshop gives your firsthand experience with the art and technique of editing with Final Cut Pro 3 (FCP). It includes in-depth info on the new features, interface elements, and tools introduced in version 3 of FCP as well as the issues of integration with OS X. You develop a working knowledge of the principles and methods taught in film schools with thirteen tutorials that cover each and every essential, including:

•Nuances of system set-up to ensure smooth operation

•Getting your material into FCP and getting it organized

•Editing to build and trim a sequence of shots

•Using Realtime, OfflineRT, and QuickView previews

•Adding transitions including FXScript DVE's

•Working with audio, split edits, back-timing and level control

•Advanced editing techniques including rhythm and timing

•FCP and Photoshop titling

•Color correction, image animation, and special effects filters

•Compositing to enhance your projects

•Outputting your material

The companion CD-ROM includes digital media and graphic files for the tutorial projects, sample transitions and filters from CGM, the TMTS Free filters and generators, and utilities including FileXaminer, Carbon Copy Cloner, and a timecode calculator.

Includes Loren Miller's FCP KeyGuideTM


"It takes a pro to teach Final Cut Pro, and Tom Wolsky delivers. ... Every editor needs this book." - Jim Heid, 'Mac Focus' columnist, Los Angeles Times

"If you want to learn editing with Final Cut Pro, look no further. ... [Tom Wolsky] has proven himself and excellent teacher." -Phil Gibson, Executive Director, Digital Media Academy

"In Tom's hands, the subject becomes a look into the process of professional editing and project management as well." - Ron & Kathlyn Lindeboom, founders, Creative

" ... I have learned a great deal from [Tom] at the boards. He always writes clearly, his instructions are detailed and thorough." - Ken Stone, photographer and FCP web host.

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