Final Cut Pro 5 Editing Essentials

Final Cut Pro 5 Editing Essentials is the 4th edition of Tom Wolsky's FCP Editing Workshop books.

Go beyond the mechanics of Final Cut Pro 5 - learn how to edit with it!

More than a button-pushing manual - this editing workshop lets you master the the craft of editing with Final Cut Pro 5. This fast, effective approach cuts to the heart of the art and technique of editing with eight tutorials that cover the essentials: capturing your material, organizing it, editing, adding transitions, basic titling and sound techniques, and outputting from the application.

Edit with confidence by learning the editing methods taught in film schools through concise lessons from a master editor and experience teacher.

The author reveals bugs and gothcas, providing workarounds and expert, practical advice about:

  1. Setting up your system to ensure smooth operation
  2. Getting your material in FCP and getting it organized
  3. Editing to build and trim a sequence of shots
  4. Multicamera editing using Multiclips
  5. Working with audio, split edits, back-timing and level control
  6. And much more

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